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A lightweight, moisture wicking combination of fabrics makes this snapback the pinnacle of comfort and performance. The adjustable snapback design allows for these hats to fit almost anyone. A luxuriously embroidered front combined with an off-black set of snaps and polyvinyl back tag will make this hat one of your new favourites.



The term "Consort" is a commonly used blue hue, evoking imagery of the vast, serene skies that stretch endlessly over the Canadian prairies. Just as the skies enveloping the prairie landscape showcase varying shades of blue, from the soft hues of dawn to the deep tones of twilight, "Consort" captures the essence of this expansive, azure canopy. The word resonates with the tranquil beauty and boundless horizons of the prairies, encapsulating the harmonious relationship between land and sky in this iconic Canadian region.

Rope Snapback - Consort


One size fits most (6 1/2inch to 7 3/4inch).

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