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Welcome to Bird & Barley, a distinctly Canadian brand born out of a passion for golf and a desire to infuse the green expanse with a touch of prairie elegance. Founded and designed on Canadian soil, our mission is to inject vibrancy, sophistication, and a touch of our prairie roots into the beloved world of golf.

PRAIRIE INSPIRED: The genesis of our nomenclature and emblem finds its roots in the pursuit of avian triumphs, be they birdies or eagles, within the game of golf. Nestled in the Canadian prairies, amid expansive fields of wheat, barley, and canola, our brand seamlessly marries the synergy of nature and sport into a harmonious entity — Bird & Barley.

GOLF FOCUSED: Our apparel showcases an unparalleled fusion of fabrics designed not only to enhance your on-course aesthetics but to elevate your overall experience. The subtle incorporation of custom stretch fabrics most of our products ensures maximal flexibility and adaptability. Our hats, feather-light, moisture-wicking, and exceptionally comfortable, epitomize the pinnacle of design for optimal playability.

At Bird & Barley, passion for the sport, a commitment to sartorial elegance, and an unwavering dedication to crafting lasting memories define us. Above all, we take pride in our Canadian heritage—a distinction that resonates through every stitch and thread of our distinguished creations.

To view all locations where you can find Bird & Barley products, visit our Pro Shops page.

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