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Three distinct fabrics make up this incredibly versatile vest. The front is a down-filled soft shell, perfect for those chilly mornings or late autumn rounds. The sides are equipped with a ribbed stretch knit fabric to allow for maximum range of motion at all times. The back is a simple polyester fleece to add to the warmth, but not add any bulk.




The term "Nocturne" captures the essence of the Canadian prairies during the nighttime, symbolizing the tranquil and enchanting beauty that unfolds under the vast, star-studded skies. Inspired by the serene landscapes ofthe prairies, the word "Nocturne" paints a poetic picture of the prairies bathed in moonlight, with the subtle interplay of shadows over the expansive fields and the rhythmic sounds of nature echoing through the night.

Boreal Vest - Nocturne

C$104.00 Regular Price
C$91.00Sale Price

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